Huddlestock | A financial network for the information age

Trade ideas,
not stocks

Introducing Crowdtrading

Huddlestock is an effective way to put your money to work in the stock market

We do a few things that make us very different from the rest. Professionals do the heavy-lifting and send you investment ideas. You only need to decide whether you agree with the idea and would like to invest in it.

Investing in a
digitalised world

We made investing as easy as possible. Our patented technology allows us to pursue our aim of pushing costs away from transactions towards performance.

Keeping investing, clean and simple

From hedge funds, to pension schemes, to family offices, all the way to individuals like you.

We are improving
access for investors

Huddlestock provides access across asset classes to allow you to find the right diversification.

We open the doors to pension plans, endowment funds, robo-advisors, family offices and Fintech companies. Everyone can be an investor on Huddlestock.

Monetise your edge

Huddlestock is a hub for companies looking to earn money on their unique perspectives very quickly.

Bringing old and new together

Opening the Hedge Fund World to everyone. Join us, build a track record and start attracting capital.

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