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Calypso and Visigon continues to expand their footprint across the Nordic region, by partnering up and leveraging Calypso’s fully integrated cross asset treasury platform, to provide a modern treasury management system to EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency.

EKF issued an EU tender earlier in 2020, looking for a cloud-enabled, cross-asset, front to back and functionally rich treasury solution with shorter time to market. Visigon and Calypso was selected for the task.

“We assigned the contract to the Calypso – Visigon partnership thanks to their experience and support, after a diligent and extensive review of the market. We have been impressed by their expertise and their ability to deliver implementation efficiently, which will be crucial for our ambitious timelines.”

– Maria Linkhorst, Head of Treasury, EKF

Calypso Technology is a leading provider of cloud-enabled capital markets and investment management software and EKF is Denmark’s Export Credit Agency, based in Copenhagen. EKF creates growth and prosperity in Denmark by helping Danish companies reach beyond national borders.

Denmark’s Export Credit Agency selected the Visigon – Calypso Treasury Solution partnership via an extensive EU public tender process to provide a complete straight-through-processing solution.

“Working with firms deeply embedded in the Nordics Capital Markets fabric, strong functionality, a willingness to continue investing in the product and a commitment to local infrastructure were key for Calypso and Visigon winning the EKF mandate.”

– Maria Linkhorst, Head of Treasury, EKF

Visigon and EKF has worked in a truly agile way in order to pursue a successful implementation. Starting with a joint overview of the project and business requirements, Visigon has delivered the functionality in an iterative way, with an increased level of details release by release.

“The combination of Calypso’s award-winning treasury platform and Visigon’s deep experience in implementation and project management ensures a swift and successful implementation.”

– Mayank Shah, Chief Strategy Officer, Calypso Technology

Working during a pandemic can be a major challenge, and since the project has taken place under the working restrictions of Covid-19, it could have been expected to have a clear effect on the works and results of the partnership. But given that part of the Visigon consultants are based in Sweden, some parts of the project would always have been be remote and all partners were prepared for that scenario and therefore easily overcame the challenges of working under a worldwide pandemic.

Working under a global pandemic, can be a challenge, but through efficient project planning and agile working processes, it has not been an obstacle standing in the way of a successful project”

– Gustav Ekeblad, CEO, Visigon

Regardless of the experience from all partners involved, major projects will always experience various challenges. One challenge that occurred in delivering the new treasury management system to EKF was for all partners to limit themselves and not become over-ambitious – continuously considering the timeline of the project.

At Visigon we have a philosophy to not fear challenges but prepare and work to overcome them. With a system such as Calypso, that is highly customizable and has a lot of different features and components, it was important to keep on track and put our work and focus into the attributes that were crucial for EKF”

– Gustav Ekeblad, CEO, Visigon

Going into the future, Calypso’s integrated cross asset treasury management solution will provide EKF with the agility to respond to internal and external pressures for improved liquidity management. Using Calypso Treasury Solution will enable EKF to optimize balance sheet, automate workflows and realize operational efficiencies.

Visigon will continue to manage the EKF Calypso platform, with a strong local footprint and a reduced time to market.

“We have built significant experience in deploying, operating, and managing Calypso platforms since we became a Calypso partner in 2012. Delivering local world class service with the best available global technology defines well how we see ourselves helping to shape the Nordics market for the years to come.”- Gustav Ekeblad, CEO, Visigon

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