Complaints Policy

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for any complaints.

The Firm is unlikely to deal with Eligible Complaints as defined by DISP 2.4.3 and has opted out of the Complaints system in accordance with DISP 1.1.7.

Complaints inevitably arise in a service industry and as part of customer relations complaints no matter how minor should be seen as an opportunity to identify improvements in our systems and services. Consequently a complaints system will continue to be operated for commercial rather than regulatory reasons.

The internal complaints procedure outlined below must be followed without exception for any complaint.

On receipt of any complaint, the Compliance Officer must be notified immediately. The Compliance Officer will enter the complaint in a Register kept for this purpose and immediately notify another director/senior manager of the company not involved with the complaint who will investigate the complaint.

A written acknowledgement must be sent within 5 working days confirming receipt of the complaint and giving the name or Job title of the person dealing with the complaint.

A final response after investigation must be sent within 4 weeks of receiving the complaint OR a holding response which explains why the Firm is not in a position to resolve the complaint and indicates when the Firm will make contact.

Within 8 weeks of receiving the complaint, the Firm must either:

Where the complainant has received a substantive reply and does not within 12 weeks after it’s being despatched, indicate that he is dissatisfied then the complaint may be treated as settled on the terms of that reply provided the letter contained a sentence that it would be so treated.