Our Partners

We work with several partners to make Huddlestock a success.

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Understand your

Client profiles are changing and wealth is shifting towards a younger and "mobile everything” generation. Huddlestock makes it effortless to invest into fully managed investment strategies.

Our user experience caters to clients’ busy lifestyles and engages them at the right time and in the right way. Huddlestock provides ease-of-use and peace of mind to our ever growing community of finance professionals and clients.

Improve engagement and cut costs

Vendors can onboard their own clients and manage them through the Huddlestock platform, in addition to recruiting capital from all clients on the platform across borders.

By publishing your proprietary investment strategies on Huddlestock, you receive immediate distribution into all our licensed markets and to our entire investor community.

Attract beyond borders

Huddlestock is a licensed investment advisor in 12 countries with partnerships as far as the Middle East and Asia. No matter where your clients are or what your strategy may focus on, we find a way to connect clients globally.

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Banking Partners

We work with several partners to make Huddlestock a success.

Managing Your Money

We forged strong partnerships to provide a seamless investment experience for our clients. Every partner plays a crucial role to make sure investments are efficient and strategies provide an edge in the market.

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KAS BANK is a custodian partner bank and a European specialist in securities services for institutional investors and financial institutions.