Platform for sustainable investment

Platform for sustainable investment

DoLand and Visigon has over the course of the last six months worked on the Huddlestock Trader and IT-Infrastructure of DoLand. The partnership has been a collaborative effort where the two companies has combined their competencies and industry know-how to deliver a scalable foundation for a platform for sustainable investment.

”What DoLand brings to the table is a digital investment platform where we make it easy for the individual to invest in sustainable development in line with what they find important. We then ensure, that the money is invested based on not only what they find important, but also the financial situation of each individual. Our platform subsequently tracks the financials and impact of the investments.” – Jakob Lage Hansen, Founder & CEO, DoLand

DoLand is a Fintech company based in Copenhagen working within the field of sustainable investments. DoLand is on a mission to unleash new capital to investments in a better future by making it possible for more to invest in this manner. At DoLand, the individual comes first, because they want to ensure that everyone can invest their money sustainably, based on their beliefs and financial situation.

“At DoLand, we have a philosophy to work and face challenges through partnerships. By working together and combining different competencies, we are in a better position to solve problems in a manner that will be beneficial to all.” – Jakob Lage Hansen, Founder & CEO, DoLand

DoLand has several partners ranging from free-lance designers and developers to Saxo Bank, Six Financial Group and Visigon. Partners that are all specialised in different areas and have different competencies.

“As a member of Swesif, Visigon is keen to participate in partnerships delivering tomorrow’s sustainable financial solutions and see DoLand as a strong ambassador for making affordable green investments accessible.” Gustav Ekeblad, CEO Visigon Nordic

Over the course of the last six months Visigon and DoLand has worked together to lay a solid foundation for the financial infrastructure of DoLand, including an Operation Center.

“Since we are based in Copenhagen and the consultants from Visigon, included in the partnership, are based in Sweden, it was a given from the beginning that at least some parts of the project would be remote. Fortunately, that has not been a barrier to the efficiency of the project at all” – Jakob Lage Hansen, Founder & CEO, DoLand

Since most of the project has taken place under the working restrictions of Covid-19, it could have been expected to have a clear effect on the works and results of the partnership. But since it was a given that most of the project would be remote, both partners were prepared and therefore easily overcame the challenges of working under a worldwide pandemic.

“The greatest challenges of making the Huddlestock Trader, has been the complexity of the task and the unusually high number of ‘unknowns’, especially in relation to several large IT integrations and based on the fact that the solutions needed to be easily scalable, because DoLand is based on a scalable business case” – Jakob Lage Hansen, Founder & CEO, DoLand

The Huddlestock Trader provides a fully automated investment process for investment advisors. From the initial onboarding of the client, through transmitting the orders all the way to the final client reporting. DoLand and Visigon are using API Technology to connect the customers own front-end interface with all other software intermediaries.

An underlying factor of the entire project has been the fact that these solutions first and foremost needed to be scalable, but also sustainable in the sense that this IT-Infrastructure would lay the foundation for the future of DoLand.

Using the philosophy of DoLand was a key element in solving these challenges. Combining the competencies and strengths of each partner – DoLand and Visigon, would show to possess the perfect skill and mindset to complete the task.

”For this project, Visigon’s deep know-how in the capital market was very valuable, especially in terms of IT-Infrastructure, trading systems and market standards. Combining that with DoLand’s front-end experience, sustainability know-how, investment experience and a common mindset – the project had excellent conditions  to succeed.” – Jakob Lage Hansen, Founder & CEO, DoLand

“In this project, DoLand and Visigon have worked in a truly agile way. Starting with a joint high-level picture of the flows, we have delivered the functionality in an iterative way, with an increased level of details release by release.” Gustav Ekeblad, CEO Visigon Nordic

The skillset possessed by each company, combined with a common interest to explore the same areas made this collaborative effort a great match.

The success of this project, that combines deep capital market know-how with a sustainable and user-centred approach, lays down a great example of how partnerships can be utilized in a beneficial and efficient way, not only within the capital markets, but in other sectors as well.

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