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Banking is in flux. Competition is fierce and increasing by the day.

The traditional banking model has changed. Permanently.

Customers are expecting increasingly hyper-personalized tech savvy, transparent and frictionless banking experiences.  Introducing new, value added services enhances customer engagement, ensures existing customer retention, drives new customer growth and creates stakeholder value.  The winners will offer hyper-personalized, engaging, all-in-one applications and platforms to serve the full spectrum of their customer’s needs.  
There is no time to wait, just enough time to engage in the future.


Innovative and Efficient Self-directed Trading Solutions


Research show that cost of trading and risk aversion are high barriers to entry to start trading.  Yet with technology and AI, banks can increasingly offer cost-effective and client-focused products and services to a larger target market. 

Huddlestock Fintech’s white label robo-advisory and self-directed trading solutions: Huddlestock Trader, can be fully customised to meet your brand values, look and feel.  It can easily be integrated into an existing website or app.  Or we can create something for you from scratch.


Creating the perfect equilibrium between the personal and the digital

Developing an in-house wealth management solution from scratch consumes a lot of time, money and energy.  Moreover, many institutions lack the technical resources, the expertise on “how it works” and the experience to deal with regulation and compliance.  Huddlestock’s modern, scalable and secure wealth tech SaaS solution : Huddlestock Wealth Manager opens up a world of sophisticated financial products.
Huddlestock Wealth Manager helps banks, wealth managers, Fintechs, market places,… embed a differentiated real-time and low-cost white-label trading and investment service that reduces cost, and increases efficiency and competitiveness. 

Customized to your needs

Huddlestocks professional services experts accompany you throughout your journey of digital transformation.

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